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Rashad Evans waves Overeem departure as non-issue

A lot has been made of the recent departure of former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem from the Blackzilians to the Greg Jackson gym but Rashad Evans, the founder of the Florida based outfit is happy to have been rid of a sulking fighter like the Dutchman.

Evans, a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion has said that the departure of the Dutchman doesn’t came as a huge loss for the team because he was never really a part of the team in the true sense of the word and was not committed to its cause.

Evans talked about the Demolition Man’s departure in an interview where he said that he doesn’t think that it is a big deal because Overeem was one of those fighters who were a part of the team without ever being fully committed to the team ethos and its values.

He went on to add that he would run his own training camps before matches, bring in specialist trainers to help him without the team’s consent and train on his own and so, Rashad Evans says, him leaving the team for the fabled Greg Jackson gym is not really much of a loss.

According to Evans, most people become part of a team because they relate to the ethos and values as well as spirit of the team but Overeem was probably the first fighter he had seen who never valued these much. Moreover, he would blame everyone else than himself after losing a match, irrespective of the team not playing a part in his training.

Rashad Evans went on to add that Overeem found it very difficult to trust people and this is something he needed to work on first before becoming a part of any team in the future as well.

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Kids to participate in the world karate championships

The karate team of England has been selected with a squad of 17 members. The World Shotokan Karate Unions Championships will take place in Kosovo in April and the squad has been taken from Boldon’s Dokan Gudo Nishijima Karate Club. The club had quite an impressive season in 2013 where they survived all the knockout championships and won 11 national and international championships.

Apart from this they have a total of 342 medals and trophies in their bag and has achieved the first place award for 106 times. The full squad includes Olivia Fellows, Aiden Young, Alex Steadman, Simone Stewart, Hannah Nicholson, Sadie Stoner, Holly Stoner, Eve Palmer, Lola Cassidy, Eleisha Mitchinson, Hannah Hunnam, Tammy Proctor, Maddison Taylor, Grace King, Megan Purvis, Becky Purvis and Ben Purvis. This club has over 150 youngsters who train regularly in Sunderland, Whitburn and Boldon. Kevan Mitchinson the chief instructor said that the squad which has been selected is extremely talented and they would definitely get the reward for their hard work so far. Since this will be their first world championship he advised the kids to maintain their calmness and focus on each and every match in hand.

Earlier this year the Dokan team started off with a victory and they would hope to maintain that form in the days to come this season. in the KyugGrade National Championships which took place in Sheffield recently the team won 11 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze medals, the most by any team so far. The team already has some experienced members such as Grace King, Chloe Telford, Tammy Proctor, Alex Steadman, Simone Stewart, Milly Pomfret, Lola Cassidy and Eve Palmer who has already featured in the national championships previously. The chief instructor also said that he is proud that the club is performing so well and has high hopes from the squad which has been selected.