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Chael Sonnen receives a major setback after failing drug test

The UFC stars have often been caught off guard by drug tests over the years. The very best in the business have undergone tests and there have been reports of failure quite often. The latest in this regard is Chael Sonnen. He had undergone some random drug tests and tested positive for chemical elements like Clomiphene, Anastrozole, HCG, HGH AND EPO. These tests were conducted on May 24th and June 5th. The commissioners were divided in their opinion about the punishment that was going to be meted out to the UFC star. While some of them were bent on giving him a life ban, others opined that he was a good person and could be exempted from such severe punishment for the time being. The final decision was taken to ban him for two years. However this is going to be a major blow to his career and everone is in doubt whether he can ever make a comeback because at the end of thwo years he will be 39 years of age. It is not a suitable age at all for Chael Sonnen to comeback and actually get into the ring to combat with professional fighters.

Chael Sonnen has always been a flamboyant character but he remained strangely quiet and repressed in his recent public appearance. He is visibly disturbed with the latest developments in his career. His last match had also been a loss moreover the drug scandal has got to him badly. He has to be training very hard and keep up a strong heart if he is to harbor any dreams of returning to the ring. Even if he does return not many people will consider him the same threat that he was once. It is going to be a sad end to a wonderful career over many years.


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Rashad Evans waves Overeem departure as non-issue

A lot has been made of the recent departure of former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem from the Blackzilians to the Greg Jackson gym but Rashad Evans, the founder of the Florida based outfit is happy to have been rid of a sulking fighter like the Dutchman.

Evans, a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion has said that the departure of the Dutchman doesn’t came as a huge loss for the team because he was never really a part of the team in the true sense of the word and was not committed to its cause.

Evans talked about the Demolition Man’s departure in an interview where he said that he doesn’t think that it is a big deal because Overeem was one of those fighters who were a part of the team without ever being fully committed to the team ethos and its values.

He went on to add that he would run his own training camps before matches, bring in specialist trainers to help him without the team’s consent and train on his own and so, Rashad Evans says, him leaving the team for the fabled Greg Jackson gym is not really much of a loss.

According to Evans, most people become part of a team because they relate to the ethos and values as well as spirit of the team but Overeem was probably the first fighter he had seen who never valued these much. Moreover, he would blame everyone else than himself after losing a match, irrespective of the team not playing a part in his training.

Rashad Evans went on to add that Overeem found it very difficult to trust people and this is something he needed to work on first before becoming a part of any team in the future as well.